Antique Bowie Knives

Blue Ridge Knives is in the market for Antique Bowie Knives for resale. From the hands of Buffalo Hunters, Frontiersman, and even Civil War Soldiers, diehard American knife collectors are drawn to Antique Bowie Knives for their patriotic and historic appeal. Common in the early days of the United States, some of these knives have seen their share of use, while others have been preserved by collectors for centuries. Gaining their notable name from a battle known as “The Sandbar Fight,” which occurred in September 19th, 1827, and involved more than a dozen men, feuding over a matter of honor. A wounded Jim Bowie defended himself against multiple assailants with only his knife, and the term “Bowie Knife” was born. Later, Jim died defending The Alamo in 1836, but his name has always stood for a wont-give-up attitude and durability. Contact us for more information about selling your Antique Bowie Knives.

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