Wholesale Knife, Tactical, Outdoor & Hunting Gear Distributor

When you operate a business, the company you purchase products from is extremely important. Partnering with a wholesale distributor like Blue Ridge Knives, Inc., you will be able to choose from a wide selection of knives, cutlery, and outdoor related products and purchase them from an experienced distributor you can rely on and trust.

There are many types and sizes of cutlery stores and online businesses. At Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. you will be able to choose from a broad selection of items. Our primary focus is on general purpose knives but we also offer kitchen cutlery, swords, multi-tools, sharpeners, navigation, optics, survival, flashlights, and lighters.

The best part about working with Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is that we are a supplier only; we do not have any retail stores or a retail website. We only sell to qualified dealers. Our over 2,000 page color retail catalog and dealer price list is available to all qualified dealers. Our catalog is a great sales aide that you can display to your customers. Once you become a dealer, you will receive a monthly sales catalog that will assist you in finding the best new items to stock as well as special purchase closeouts and “on sale” items. All items in the Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. monthly catalog are priced at dealer (your) cost.

Are you looking to start or expand your business? Then you will want to go with an experienced distributor you can trust and rely upon. Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is that distributor. We have what you need to “get started” or to meet the needs of your expanding retail cutlery business. Our company has been working with dealers to deliver the products and service they need for over 40 years.

As a retailer and business owner, you know how important it is to find and maintain a good relationship with a reliable distributor. Once found, you will want to continue doing business with them for years to come. Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. wants to be your distributor.