Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is always looking to buy antique Bowie Knives. From the hands of Civil War soldiers, gold seekers, and early frontiersmen, knife collectors are drawn to Antique Bowie Knives for their patriotic and historic allure. The “Bowie Knife” gained its notable name from a battle known as “The Sandbar Fight” which occurred on September 19, 1827 and involved over a dozen men feuding over a matter of honor. A wounded Jim Bowie defended himself against multiple assailants with only his knife and thus the term “Bowie Knife” was born. Jim Bowie died defending the Alamo in 1836 but the legend of the “Bowie Knife” lives on. Bowie knives were an essential tool in the early days of the United States and England. While many saw everyday use, many others such as “California Bowies” were considered dress daggers and often given as presentation pieces to notable politicians, soldiers, and businessmen. Please contact Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. in regard to selling your antique Bowie Knives.

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