Imported Knives for Sale

Do you want to start selling imported knives in your store or on your website without having to go through the hassle of tracking them down individually on your own? Blue Ridge Knives is your one-stop distributor for imported Chinese, Japanese, and German knives wholesale. We have a gigantic selection of pocket, hunting, novelty, and collectible knives that come directly from countries like China, Pakistan, Germany, and Japan in addition to many other countries around the world. When you become a Blue Ridge Knives dealer, you’ll get access to all of them whenever you want to stock them in your store.

Chinese, Japanese, German & Pakistani Knives for Sale

When you buy imported Chinese, Japanese, and German knives wholesale from Blue Ridge Knives, you’ll get more than just great prices. You can inventory knives manufactured by brand names like Rough Rider, Tomahawk, Bear Hunter, Ole Smoky, and Frost Cutlery, just to name a few of the brands we work with. We also have high-quality German knives from companies like Boker, Hen & Rooster, Henckels, Linder, Klass, and Heckler & Koch. In total, we’re a worldwide wholesale distributor with more than 650 different brands of knives and accessories.

Wholesale Imported Knives from Blue Ridge Knives Include:

• Pocket
• Hunting
• Novelty and Collectible Knives from China
• Knives from Pakistan
• Knives from Japan
• Knives from Germany

If you want to start purchasing imported Chinese, Japanese, and German knives wholesale from Blue Ridge Knives, we invite you to provide us with a copy of your state-issued resale license. That’ll allow us to mail you a copy of our monthly sales catalog that includes all the imported knives we have mentioned here and more. Call us at 276-783-6143 today to learn more about our imported knife selection.

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