Chinese, Japanese, German & Pakistani Knives for Sale

Imported Knives for Sale

Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is your one-stop wholesale distributor for imported knives. We have a huge selection of pocket, hunting, novelty and collectible knives from China, Pakistan, Japan, Germany as well as many other countries. If you are looking for closeouts, bargains or value priced merchandise for flea market sales, promotions, or more, we have what you need! Brand names include Rough Rider, Tomahawk, Bear Hunter, Ole Smoky and Frost Cutlery, to name just a few. Puma knives is just one of the more than 650 brands that Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. stocks. We carry other quality German knives, including Boker, Hen & Rooster, Henckels, Linder, Klass, and Heckler & Koch. Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is a worldwide wholesale distributor for more than 650 brands of knives and accessories.

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