Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. buys and sells antique knives. We are always seeking to obtain new inventory. The old slogan “They don’t make things like they used to” can never be said enough when it comes to knives. Collectors are drawn to antique knives primarily due to their quality and appearance. The craftsmanship of early American, English, and German cutlers have withstood the test of time. The fit, finish, and feel of an antique knife is a testament to the cutlers passion for his craft. Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is looking to buy all types of antique cutlery including pocket knives, hunting knives, military knives, switchblades, Bowie knives, and swords. We are looking for brands such as Case, Cattaraugus, Remington, Winchester, Schrade, Marbles, Miller Bros., Robeson, Utica, Ulster, Kabar and the Western States just to name a few. Contact us if you have knives for sale. Not only will it put money in your pocket, it will put your knives in a new home where they will be appreciated and cherished.

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