Wholesale Zippo Lighters For Sale

Lighters make practical and collectible gifts. If you’re interested in selling them in your retail store or on your website, consider becoming a Blue Ridge Knives dealer today. We’re one of the largest lighter distributors in the country and have wholesale Turboflame lighters available as well as Xikar lighters and Zippos for sale. Stock up your business

Wholesale Lighter Distributor

Once you become a Blue Ridge Knives dealer, you’ll get access to wholesale Turboflame lighters in addition to wholesale Xikar lighters and Zippos for sale in hundreds of different styles. We have themes that are perfect for just about any occasion, and you can pick and choose the lighters that you think will sell best in your store. We’re constantly updating our supply of lighters and always have new lighters to offer to our dealers.

Turboflame, Xikar & Zippos for Sale

If you want to get access to wholesale Turboflame lighters from Blue Ridge Knives or get the best prices on Xikar lighters and Zippos for sale, take the necessary steps to start working with us right now. Provide us with a copy of your state-issued resale license, and we’ll provide you with our monthly sales catalog that contains a complete list of the lighters you can purchase. Contact us at 276-783-6143 today to use Blue Ridge Knives as your wholesale lighter distributor.

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