These are the knives they tell stories about. Bo Randall founded a small knife shop in Orlando, Fl. In 1937 after purchasing a handmade William Scagel knife from a man he met in passing. With the outbreak of World War II, Randall’s business went through the roof. Randall knives were widely used overseas by American Troops where they were an invaluable tool and weapon. Randall continues their tradition today still producing knives in Orlando. Randall Knives are so coveted among military servicemen and avid knife collectors that they currently have a 5-year wait on orders. Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is proud to be an authorized Randall Dealer. Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. is looking to buy Randall Knives. Please contact Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. if you have Randall Knives for sale.

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