Antique Knives

Many collectors prefer the weight of an antique knife in their hand to the sleek plastic feel of a new one. Blue Ridge Knives buys and sells antique knives, and we are currently seeking new inventory. The kind of life and history that comes with having survived through the decades and even centuries is irreplaceable, and grants the owner a sense of connection to whomever wielded or carried the knife in the past. The look of these knives can be appealing as well, but the major draws to these pieces are their durability and history. From switchblades and folding pocket knives to military and hunting knives, we have a vast selection of antique knives. View our inventory of antique knives which have been sourced from a number of collectors all over the map, and imagine a knife from your own personal collection making its way to new home while more money makes its way into your wallet!

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