Custom Fixed Blades

Specialty knives are often difficult to find and can sometimes be impossible to acquire. Perhaps you conducted a historical reenactment and required a blade that looked like one from the event you were recreating. Whatever the case, Blue Ridge Knives is happy to buy your custom fixed blade knives of all kinds. Was there a movie that you loved, with a blade in it that you just HAD to own, but now the blade sits collecting dust on a shelf? Make room in your collection for a new piece to treasure. From handle and blade engraving, various handle materials, different shapes, and more, you called the shots, and we would love to add your creation to our inventory. Contact Blue Ridge Knives directly with any questions, or to sell your own collection of custom fixed blade knives.

Buy & Sell Fixed Blade Knives

Buy & Sell Custom Fixed Blade Knives

Custom Fixed Blade Knife