Cutlery Related Advertising

Gone are the good old days of travelling salesman, who would come by with sample products and miniature models to demonstrate the newest product or gadget. Blue Ridge Knives is known for selling antique knives, but you may not know we also deal in antique and vintage knife advertising memorabilia, salesman’s models/displays, interchangeable knives (used to show options for customization), and more. Selling knives as a trade was a proud line of work for men who travelled around the country, meeting the men who would use those knives for work, recreation, cooking, protection, and even for war. Check out the unique pieces of knife regalia we found, and perhaps add one to our collection. Got a piece of knife advertising you would like to sell? Contact Blue Ridge Knives for information about selling your knives and other items.

Schrade Pocket Knives Standard or America

Custom Knife Set