Scagel Knives

  Often considered the epitomic American knife maker, William Scagel produced knives are ALWAYS in demand. Bill Scagel created knives beginning in the early 20th century, and his legacy and company live on thanks to a recent move by an inspired knife maker. Bill passed on in 1963, with no one to carry on his work. 10 years ago, his mantle was taken up and Scagel knives was back in business. Blue Ridge knives is proud to buy and sell Scagel made knives, and we’re currently looking to increase our inventory to meet our customers’ demands. Original Bill Scagel knives are wildly collectible, and can even bring in a large sum of money on the resale market. Get top dollar for your knife, and know that it will be passed along to a worthwhile owner who will respect its history the way you did.

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William Scagel Knives for Sale
Carving Fork With Bone Handle
Scagel Axe Knife