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2019 Re-Seller's Policy

Kai USA has experienced some problems with unauthorized sales of our knives. The purpose of this Acknowledgement is to ensure that our dealers understand and agree with Kai USA’s policy with respect to certain types of sales.

To preserve the high quality reputation of Kai USA’s products, and to protect our dealers from product liability claims, it is imperative that all products are sold only to end users (consumers) in the original packaging as shipped by Kai USA. Sales to middlemen, wholesalers, distributors, retailers or others not specifically identified in the business categories set forth in our credit application are expressly forbidden.

Our authorized dealers, including dealers working as or with Premium Incentive companies, must at Kai USA’s request, provide Kai USA all POS (Point Of Sale) report(s) within 10 business days of the initial request. POS report(s) must include quantities, dates, where and to whom Kai USA’s product was shipped and sold. Failure to comply will enforce consequences up to, and including, revoking the dealer’s account with Kai USA.

If it is suspected that you as a dealer have breached this condition of sale, it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that Kai USA Ltd shall have the right to obtain immediate injunctive relief in the Multnomah County Circuit Court in Portland, Oregon, without need to prove actual damage and that you (the dealer) shall be responsible for any attorney fees or costs that are incurred by Kai USA during the process. This remedy is in addition to any others we may have in law or equity. 

2019 Internet Sales Policy

Due to the proliferation of requests by dealers who wish to sell Kai USA products on the internet, dealers must ensure that they will abide by the following policies regarding internet sales:

  1. Internet retailers must strictly abide by Kai USA’s published UMP policy.
  2. Internet retailers must be “stocking customers” which means they must stock any Kai USA products offered, and retailers must fulfill their own orders. Kai USA will not drop ship.
  3. Kai USA has determined that the sale of its products on internet auction sites and some websites/3rd party platforms including but not limited to: EBay,,,,, has the potential effect of diminishing and detracting from the perceived value of Kai USA products. Selling on an internet auction format or unauthorized websites/3rd party platforms are strictly prohibited without prior written approve from Kai USA. There are no exceptions.
  4. If a retailer persists in offering Kai USA’s products on an unauthorized websites/3rd party platforms without Kai USA’s written approval, Kai USA will enforce consequences up to, and including, revoking the retailer’s account with Kai USA.

2019 Authorized Dealer Identification Policy

In order to manage and verify all current and future Kai USA dealers as authorized dealers, please fill in the appropriate information below. All Kai USA dealers selling our brand(s) MUST LIST all business associated with the sale of Kai products below; whether owned by the dealer or not in retail locations (brick & mortar), on websites either as the sole business or as a 3rd party, etc. This allows Kai USA to manage and protect the integrity of our valued brands effectively.

IMPORTANT: Failure to fully disclose all business names and locations as stated above, may be grounds for termination as an authorized Kai USA dealer. This includes but is not limited to: DBA’s (Doing Business As), 3rd Party affiliations, website associations which host 3rd party sellers, and alternate locations and addresses. Kai USA must be notified 30 days prior to any new physical retail locations, websites, 3rd party or DBA that plans to sell any Kai product(s) and must be approved by an authorized Kai USA Sales Manager.

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